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Games played: 2
First played: 2004
Last played: 2004

Lifetime Batting Statistics

Inns NO B R Best 50s 100s SR Ave
1 1 3 3 3 0 0 100.00 -

Key: Inns=innings played; NO=not outs; B=balls faced; R=runs scored; Best=highest score; 50s=fifties scored; 100s=centuries scored; SR=strike rate (runs per 100 balls); Ave=average (runs per wicket)

All innings

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Date Opposition Scoring Balls 4s 6s How out Runs
23/05/2004 Old Owens 21 3 0 0 not out 3

Lifetime Bowling Statistics

m O w nb M R W Best 5W SR Econ Ave
1 10 0 0 6 15 4 4-15 0 15.00 1.50 3.75

Key: m=matches (in which the player bowled); O=overs; w=wides; nb=no balls; M=maidens; R=runs conceded; W=wickets; Best=best match figures; 5W=5 wicket innings; SR=strike rate (balls per wicket); econ=economy rate (runs conceded per over); ave=average (runs per wicket)

All Bowling

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Date Opposition O w nb M R W SR Econ Ave
16th May 2004 Brookwood 10 0 0 6 15 4 15.00 1.50 3.75

Lifetime Fielding Statistics

Matches Catches Stumpings Total
2 1 0 1

The statistics above only cover those matches for which data has been transcribed into the site database. It is highly likely, therefore, that they are not a 100% accurate record of the player's lifetime performance for the club.

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